Punch-a-Face Day
          Some days I wish I could punch someone in their face and have consequence. Don't get me wrong, I have punched people before and after it I felt very satisfied. There should be a punch-the-people-you-hate-in-the-face day, or simply Punch-a-Face Day. This will be a great stress release for those with problems others and it keeps them from otherwise doing anything that seriously hurting others.

            The stress release comes from when you punch the person you hate. Have you ever punched someone? Noticed how relived you feel after it. How does Punch-a-Face Day help with problems? Well, sometimes it just takes one friend to have a bloody nose to be able to patch it up with another friend.

            Also, Punch-a-Face Day can help people not hurt themselves or those who deserves the fist seriously. I have seen people get really worked up over those who Deserves the Punch (DTP). So Punch-a-Face is a great way to prevent serious outburst of anger.

Rules for Punch-a-Face Day

1. One punch per person.

2. The DTP gets a fair warning before being punched.

3The DTP has every right to defend themselves, even if it means you get punched in the face.

44. You must make a list of who you want to punch, then you must send it to your state government to make sure the DTP doesn't have a/or:

-physical handicap

-Mental handicap

-Mental illness

-over the age of 55


When there is one.

My list for Punch-A-Face Day


·CEO s of Tobacco Companies

·Anyone with their pants below their bum


·Marching Band hatters

·Anyone who thinks that rap is music but classical isn't

·Anyone who hates 90's cartoons (ex. Rugrats)

·Jonas Brothers

·Miley Cyrus


·Justin Bieber

·People who don't appreciate Bruce Lee movies

·Disney Channel Executives

·Cartoon Network Executives

·You Tube Trolls

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