Independent Reading Projects

                This year you will be participating in four independent reading units. The book you choose to read is totally up to you, but you must choose from four different genres: fiction, nonfiction, biography or memoir, and short stories. When you read which is up to you, but you may not repeat. We will be doing reader response journals for each unit while reading, followed by a book talk and an alternative book report (ABR). The following breaks down the requirements.

Reader Response Journal:

-          5 entries (half page to page handwritten)

-          Must include page number referring to part in book responding to

-          Make a personal connection. Although paraphrasing may be necessary, I do not want summaries.

Book talk:

-          Must be between 2-3 minutes

-          Give a quick summary

-          Encourage others to read the book

Alternative Book Report:

-          You determine the grade by the combination of projects you choose

-          A = A. 2 Bs = A. 2 Cs = B

-          Once you’ve done one type of project, you may no longer choose that project for the next unit.

That’s it! It seems like a lot of work, but I know you will get used to it and come to enjoy it as you grow as a writer and a reader this year. The most important requirement is that you find a book that you will enjoy. A new concept for school, maybe, but I want you to choose something you want to read. Check out my suggestions on the back, but you are certainly not limited to them. Just make sure you turn in a request form before the unit starts.

Book Suggestions

Book Report Ideas

Reader Responses