There are many people that know about the Ghillie suit from the popular game call of duty modern warfare. Some people scramble to get these suits from stores. These suits are called bush rag Ghillie witch is poorly designed and cost over 100 dollars just for a suit made of black, green, tan and small netting. So poorly designed that the only place that the suit would work would be in a pile of yarn.

            Most professional Ghillie suits are hand made with burlap, mesh, paint, and vegetation. The only exceptions are tri strap suits which are over laying straps that hold vegetation on, and the Russian ZONT suit that is just break up the solid shape of the human body. The concept of the Ghillie suit is to break up the body outline and blend into the environment. I prefer mesh suits than any other suit because the mesh itself breaks up the out line of the body but it also has outer netting that is big enough to stuff

Vegetation quickly and change it when needed.

 The next time someone walks up to you in a bush rag ghille and they say they can blend in to anything slap them in the face and tell them the facts I have just stated.

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