Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men is a powerful story about friendship, hard work, and finding the American Dream. From an academic standpoint, this novel is an excellent example of characterization within a story and how these characters interact and face conflicts differently.

Multi-genre Research Project

You will participate in a research project that allows you to work on your creative side in addition to practicing research. We will research the Great Depression and work on our definition of what the American Dream is. Below you will find information that will be given out in class.
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Rather than memorize some words that you will soon forget, I want you to learn and practice the skill of using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. The following is a list of vocabulary words from Of Mice and Men broken down by the chapter they are in. You will be expected to use the context of the chapter to determine the word's meaning.

Chapter 1: recumbent, morosely, lumbered

Chapter 2: scoff, ominously, flounced

Chapter 3: derision, reprehensible, wryly

Chapter 4: aloof, meager, averted

Chapter 5: jeering, writhed, muffled

Chapter 6: belligerently, monotonous, jarred

In addition to these words, the document below has some slang words with definitions from the time period that may help you as you read the story.
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Character Development Sheet

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