Kids are annoying when they are at Chuck E. Cheese because, they are constantly screaming, crying, and they complain about every little thing. Not to mention that most of them are spoiled brats. Well I work at Chuck E. Cheese, and there is nothing more annoying to me then when a little kid comes up to me and says “I put five tokens in this game and it didn’t work”. It makes me just want to scream at them. “if it didn’t work the first time what makes you think its going to work the next four freaking times?”, but I am not aloud to say anything. I have to just give them there five tokens back and get the employee who is in charge of the games to go figure out why its not working and fix it. The stupid part is that half the time the games are working perfectly fine and the little brat was just trying to get free tokens.

Almost every little kid on this planet screams and cries when they don’t get their way. For example when the kids and there parents first arrive at Chuck E. Cheese they’re all happy and what not, but when it comes to the point where they run out of tokens they throw a fit when mommy and daddy wont buy them any more. So of course they do what little kids do and scream and cry until mommy and daddy give in and give them what they want. Another example is when its about time for them to leave, but they have to go to the prize counter to spend there tickets they won. There are many cases where the little kids want the big prizes on the wall but they only have enough for the prizes in the display case. Then they’ll get all mad and throw a fit about that. Until mommy and daddy gives in and just buys the big prize they want for them. Do you notice a pattern? Well of course you do, little kid throws a fit and then mommy and daddy eventually give in and give them what they want. So there for it turns them into spoiled brats.

Another thing that is annoying is when Chuck E. Cheese comes out to see the kids. We all know that Chuck is just one of the employees in a mouse costume. This may be shocking to some of you but a lot of the kids are mean to Chuck E. For instance he might go to give them a high five or something, instead of the kid giving Chuck E just a normal high five they punch his hand! There is also many times when the kids pull on Chuck E’s tooth or on his nose. Then there’s parents who are so dumb and know that there little baby’s or toddlers are afraid of Chuck E, but yet they still get Chuck E to come over there to attempt to get a picture with him. Well that usual doesn’t end up too well, Chuck E usually gets screaming or crying, then who ever happened to be Chuck E feels bad when the little baby or toddler cries. So its very annoying when kids beat up on Chuck E, and when parents try to force there kids to take a picture with Chuck E because all they do is cry ninety nine percent of the time.

Now for the most annoying thing that’s done at Chuck E Cheese all the time. That’s when parents use a place like Chuck E Cheese as there free, personal babysitter. They’ll go in get a table and get there kid some tokens then the parents just up and leave there kids there for a few hours so they can go do god only knows what. For example there was one time at Chuck E Cheese where a mother left her two year old daughter there for three hours by her self. While the mother was gone the little girl peed her pants. She ended up taking her pants off and leaving them on the table where her and her mommy sat at when mommy was still there. When the employees were going around to bus the tables the pee pants were the only thing at that table so they figured it was some parent who decided to be an ass whole. So they threw the pee pants away. Then the mom of the little girl decides to come back to get her daughter, and she comes up to the register and asks them if they found the little girls pants. The employees just wanted to say “where they fuck were you when she pissed her pants?” Well the cashier who she asked told her that when we found them they were peed in and, that we threw them away. The mom was pissed off, but honestly I think she deserved that at the least. I mean come on you left your own two year old daughter at Chuck E Cheese by her self for three hours. It’s annoying when parents leave their kids at Chuck E Cheese to be annoying and to get a free babysitter.

There for kids are annoying in many ways when they come to Chuck E Cheese. They scream and cry until they get her way. They complain about every little thing. Many of them abuse Chuck E. and the worst, when mommy and daddy leave their kids to be annoying at Chuck E Cheese and for employees being their free babysitter. When you work there you’ll get to notice all these little things that they do that are so annoying. Kids at Chuck E Cheese are so annoying!!

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