Thinking back to the past
I notice many questions I should have asked
Many things I should have done
Battles I should have easily won

Secrets that were never declared
And hearts that can never be fully repaired
Friends that cannot be replaced
And memories that will never be erased

Words I should have said
Emotions I should have read
Mistakes that I’ve committed
And pain that I’ve afflicted

Apologies I should have given
Lies I shouldn’t have ever written
Heres to the past, present and future
In hopes mistakes turn out fewer

By: Jennifer Gates

Holden Robinosn
4/19/2011 02:12:08 am

Wow Jennifer! That is a very nice poem. You can tell that was from your heart. Great examples and details.

robbie collister
4/19/2011 03:45:02 am

i joke i thought it was a poem of mine at first lol

Brandon Adams
4/19/2011 06:56:18 am

Wow , very deep and very thoughtful . Im surprised you don't show me poetry like this often . You should , its really good !

1/19/2012 02:33:06 am

This is awesome ! I love it!


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