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The people run from sounds of gun shots.

They fear it’s too late.

They wish they never gained their power.

But they fear it’s too late.

No matter how fast you run they hit.

They fear it’s too late.

They sold illegal items around our store.

They take what they want.

They help the people by giving them protection.

But still.

They feel it’s too late.

The poverty is all around.

The world has let us fall.

They all fear it may be to late.

Yet still they thrive on money and pwer.

They run and shoot without thought.

The mafia is one of many.

But can become your grave.

Fearing is something that should never be.

For they help those in need.

They only steal from rich and help the poor.

Because they were poor one time in their life.

They no longer feel it’s too late.

The great Capone fell to old times.

Left is gang here to break.

No matter how much they mourned.

They still thrive on their leaders smarts.

After years of slums and poor.

They always find their friends.

Then take their time find them all.

The Depression is something to fear.

But one day it won’t be to late.

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