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I remember my dad sitting around the table with me talking very intently about what I was going to do how I would buy a car that’s cheap tomorrow. The next day, I walked around the Volkswagen Dealership looking for a 1963 ragtop sunroof sedan VW Beetle. Then a car sellman came up to me and said “Are you looking for a car?” I nodded. He show me lots of used beetles and then he show me this weird VW Beetle with red, white, and blue stripes and a 53 racing number, he said ”this car will is the fastest car in the world, it can reached up to 120 mph.” I was shocked. Then I asked him “How much do want for this car?” he said “50 dollars.” I give him 50 bucks for the bug. Then that night, my dad asks me to see the car. When we got out, my dad was confused and asked “What the hell is that?” I’d explain my dad why did I buy Herbie, and my dad was also confused about the name. I also say “It wasn’t my first choice of the bug.” Mondays too I got up and my clothes on in the blue light morning, then with cracked hands that ached from labor during the weekday weather made me what to die. No one ever talked about my bug. I head out and then I saw Herbie being carjacked by ninjas. So run after the ninjas, but the ninjas didn’t know that herbie had a mind of his own. The ninjas jumped from the car because Herbie scared them off and I was shocked. After that, I said “Thank you God, you’re alright.” So Herbie and I went to work.

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