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This writing is being used mainly as a way to spread word of the j-team.

If you don’t already know there are four main members of the j-team and many allies also. They won’t be revealed yet in case enemies are viewing this. But to find out more about the j-team you can by becoming an ally of the j-team. You can do this by asking two main members to join and be accepted. You can ask around a little bit to find out who to ask but there are some things you should know.

·       You can’t be a part of the s-team m-team or the Anti-heroes

·       C-team members are fine with us

·       You can’t become members just by asking ally’s

·       You don’t have to be any certain age to join

·       Once in our enemies our your enemies

·       And you cannot have ever talked bad of the j-team

If you are able to join and ant to join and learn of the j-team please find us and ask thank you

Sincerely the j-team

Caitlin Utley
4/4/2011 05:10:37

Haha . My Cousin Joey Wrote Thisss . :D

tory palmisano
4/18/2011 23:30:05

very well written
p.s. GO J-TEAM :D

Jennifer Gates
4/20/2011 02:25:56

J-Team is amazing, therefor, this piece of writting is amazing XD


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