Have you ever seen?
In your life
More wonderful
Than the way for Brett Favre,
Every Sundays,
Athletic and easy,
Floats toward the field
And into any fields, or an Stadiums,
With the NFL fans,
And is he gone-
And how he slides again
On the team,
Every afternoon,
On the other side of the field,
Like a green or purple flower
Streaming upward on its heavenly field,
Say, on a game in early August,
At its perfect imperial yard throws-
And have you ever felt for anything
Such wild love-
Do you think there is anywhere, in any city?
A victory billowing enough
For the pleasure
That fills you,
As Brett Favre reaches out,
As he loves you
As you stand there in the stands,
Or have you too
Turned from this world-
Or have you too
Gone crazy
For power,
For things?

By: Anthony Hopson

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