Why , me ?

Does it have to be?

My emotion ,
My rose blood,
You, the leech.

All I am,
All you drain.
You seem to hate,
When I have good fate.

I keep asking why,
But there is no why,
Just how and when.

What will I order with my pain?
Maybe a side of confusion?
Yes, the usual.

Eat it well,
You wish it was my last meal.
Sorry to disappoint.

What for desert?
I believe she gave me suffering.

Seems you’re always my waiter.
Delivering every punishing plate,
That I must devour.

Later ,
Hits the heartburn of heart ache.
The stomach ache of self hate
Trapped, staring at this plate I just ate.

When will I stop,
Eating this bullcrap,
You’re feeding me?

Who knows.
  Who knows.
Who knows.

Who knows when it will end?
How much on you, Will I spend?
On this never-ending trend.

I hate this game,
This unbeatable level.
Oh wait, that’s all of them.
No cheats,
Just defeats.

I can’t hate,
Though my mind gives you low rate.
Can I end this game? Seems too late.

A lifetime of hell,
While your life seems quite swell.
Okay my leech, wish you well.

One day, may you drain,
Another man , causing him pain.
Become his constant down pouring rain.

Destroy his joy.

But as of now,
I am no longer your toy.

So Long Leech.

By: Brandon Adams
amber cassidy

Awhh, i like it! You better smile, Brandon. :)

Jennifer Gates

I love this! I love evrything that you write, this is one of the best you have ever done. It reminds me of something by Nirvana :) your an amazing writter!


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