Brittany and i were outside playing in the snow at the skatepark in quailcreek. and we were talking about the movie the Christmas Story and we ended up getting on the topic where she didnt believe that if you stuck your tounge to a pole that it would stick. then i told her that i knew for a fact that it worked cause i got it stuck to my door knob once and it was not fun. she said lets test it i said ok. we first tried the fence it didnt work so we then moved on to the flag pole. sure enoughit worked and we got our tounges stuck looking at each other screaming i tore mine off first and looked down blood dripping from my tounge and she tore hers off too and we busted out laughing and we went to my house and showed my step dad and he sounded like the dad from thats 70 show sayign we were a bunch of dumbas**s and he gave us papertowels to hold on our tounges. then we went back out and played in the snow. :)

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