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Morgan Gibson was furious!  No one really saw what happened to make her mad.  She started running towards him screaming.  She aimed to scratch him to death with her nails.  I and some others intercepted her before she could get to him.  She took a step back and pulled a hand gun from her purse.  Before anyone could do anything, she shot him.  He fell to the floor dead.  When we realized what happened, we ran to her and tried to get the gun from her.  Paul Jetter had a few fingers blown off in the process.  I finally retrieved the gun from her. 

            She wanted it back.  She was set in her mind that she was going to kill everyone.  I began to sprint away.  I did not know where I was going or what I was going to do, I just could not let Morgan have that gun.  She was chasing me and I knew she would eventually catch up with me.

            She was only a few feet behind me.  I had to do something.  There was a man-made pond just a few yards a head.  When I was right at the edge of the pond, I reared back and threw the gun with all my might.  She won’t get it in there, I thought.  She’s too much of a germ-a-phobe.

            When Morgan saw what I did, she was even more furious.  It is not good to be under her wrath.  She looked at me, her face blood red.  I immediately knew I better run.   I began to run, but then I realized, all I needed to do was step a few feet into the pond out of her reach.       

            I stood in the pond out of her reach for about five minutes.  The full five minutes Morgan was throwing rocks and whatever else she saw at me.  As I was dodging rocks, I heard sirens come our direction.  I sighed with relief. 

            The police came and put Morgan in handcuffs.  As she was put in the squad car, she began bawling.  If felt so bad for her even though she was in the wrong.

            A few months later, I had to go to court to testify against Morgan.  I hated doing that.  She was still a good friend even if she did try to kill me. 

            I did not hear anything about the outcome of the trial; her sentence, the judge’s ruling, or anything.  I knew she was in jail though.  So I decided to go visit Morgan on her birthday.  I made her a cake and brought her a small gift.

            When I arrived at the jail, I went through all the customary procedures.  They let me through and told me what cell number she was located.  I found the cell number, but she was not there.  Ashley Belanger was in the cell crying.  I was so confused.

            Ashley was startled when I spoke her name. 

“What are you doing here?” she said.

“I came to tell Morgan ‘Happy birthday’ and give her cake I made for her,” I said holding up the cake.  Ashley broke out in a series of loud sobs.  “What?! What?!” I cried.

“Morgan was executed today!” she shouted through her tears.  I gasped; I had no idea.  I began crying as well.

            After we both stopped crying, we decided to eat the cake ourselves since Morgan could not.  While we were chowing down on cake, I was able to find out why Ashley was in the jail.

            A month earlier she was falsely accused of stealing a baby.  She was just currently waiting for her trial before she could be set free.  We began planning what we would do once she was out of jail.

            Once she was released from jail, we gathered everyone who knew Morgan.  We decided to have a memorial for her and the boy she killed.  We drained the man-made pond I threw the gun in and looked at the weapon.  Then we would fill it back up again.

            We did this every year on Morgan’s birthday for 20 years.  The year we stopped was when I woke up from this crazy dream.

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