1. I wish God looked like Morgan Freeman
  2. I wish Kevin Costner lived next door to me
  3. I wish the lead singer of Sublime was still alive
  4. I wish wearing your pants to high was cool
  5. I wish tucking your shirt in was cool
  6. I wish my track shorts didn’t look like booty shorts
  7. I wish every part of my body tanned evenly farmers tans are getting old
  8. I wish every morning started out with coffee and no crash from the caffeine
  9. I wish that glasses were un breakable I’m tired of staring at random people in the hallway and not even knowing when I’m doing it
  10. I wish my facial hair didn’t come in, in patches. If I don’t shave I look like I have mange
  11. I wish waffle house had more locations, there so awesome I cant imagine why there not.
  12. I wish Eddie Murphy Raw was able to be shown in school as a requirement.
  13. I wish my parents would stop buying the same cereal
  14. I wish that when ever I’m walking down a street a pair of aviators would appear on my face and the song Renegade by Styx would be playing loud
  15. I wish that it was illegal to kick a man in the junk.
  16. I wish the top gun song played every time your in a car going somewhere you don’t want to go.
  17. I wish that every car had hydraulics. And every time you drive it your radio immediately plays Low Rider.
  18. I wish I didn’t have to raise my hand at certain occasions. My ideas are important off topic or on topic.

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