“Shut up dude!” said Chase. Chase was getting mad at a bk noob in his quick scope lobby. He got mad that he got tac-knifed. The infamous tac-knifer just laughed at him. Chase then said, “Whatever man, I would own you in a one versus one. Come face me if you have the cajones for it.”

            “Alright,” said the bk noob. “let me set my class for it though.” After the two were ready, Chase invited his good friend Paul to watch this all go down.

            “Alright so this is a one versus one quick scope match. The first to twenty wins and the last kill must be cool. Let’s start the match.” Said commentator Paul. He turns off his mic but can still hear Chase and both players have spawned in. Nice, chase starts off with an across the map quick scope. A fine way to intimidate the enemy and start off the match. One minute passed and Chase has a six point lead. The score is 10-4. Chase is seeming pretty confident, knowing his lead. The bk noob seems determined to beat Chase, but can he do it? Thirty secondshave passed by and Chase is now at thirteen points. The noob is at ten, surprisingly pulling off six perfect shots and Chase is slowly losing his ground. Two minuts of stealthiness and fright of losing to one another. The score is eighteen to seventeen, with Chase in the lead by one. The noob started off bad and has picked up quite fast in the past three and a half minutes. Chase gets a surprising across the map no-scope and they are both in total awe atthat shot. Chase is on his last kill and has to do something cool. Chase makes his way to the top of the map but is picked off quite easily. He makes his way up again but a lot more cautiously this time. He makes it and lays down for a few seconds. He jumps off and trys to go for an awesome jump off kill. Oh! He just did a seven hundred and twenty degree quick scope after jumping off the top of the map. That shot demonstrated true skill of a trick shot, quick scope. Every quick scoper should try to pick up a few tips from Chase. His gamertag is Zodiacxyz if you’re interested in learning from the best there is.

chase Breedwell
4/18/2011 10:59:25 pm

im more like the tac knifer and pauls the quickscoper


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