Revision Assignment

You must prove to me that you have grown as a writer. One thing that definitely improves with reading and writing is the ability to pick out what you have written and make it more effective. This may mean that you eliminate awkwardness, add detail, change the structure, choose a stronger word, etc. Anything that takes you from the sentences you wrote in 5th grade to the type of writing you see in the texts we read in class is appropriate. Here are the directions:

- Choose one writing from this year (can be essay, journal, free write, creative piece, poem, etc.)
- Rewrite 5 parts of it (see above paragraph for ideas; grammar doesn't count here)
- Fix grammar
- Explain what the corrections were and why you made them
- Write a one-page reflection on how you have grown as a writer (consider the 3 stages of writing - pre, during, and post writing. Also think about your new strengths and weaknesses).

Your final product should be put together in the following order:

1. New writing, with end note numbers labeling corrections
2. Old Writing
3. End notes labeling and explaining corrections
4. Reflection

How to create end notes

Ever see a little exponent-looking number in books that links a word or line to a footnote or note at the end of the book? That's what end notes are. But you have to make the number look like that on your own. I HIGHLY suggest you finish typing your writing first, then enter the numbers later. Obviously you number them in the order in which they appear. When you are ready, here is what you do:

1. Type the number after the line or word you are labeling
2. Highlight the number
3. Right click the number
4. Select font
5. Check the box under Effects that says Superscript

That's it!