Poem Project

You will be exploring poetry (and practicing MLA format) by looking for poems on your own that you enjoy. Below are the directions for the project.

1. Collect 5 poems that you enjoy
2. For one of the poems, write a one-page analysis by employing the steps to analyzing poems.
3. For the other 4 poems, write a one-paragraph commentary on why you chose the poem. This is modeled after the Favorite Poem Project that we will see in class.
4. You MUST include an MLA-style works cited page to show where you got your poems.
5. Create a final product that has the following in the order it appears here:
     - Title Page
     - Table of contents
     - Poems with commentaries (poem and commentary can be on the same page)
     - Poem being analyzed
     - Poem analysis
     - Works cited