Poem Packet

1. Cover page (creative title; illustration optional)
2. Table of Contents (directions on how to format below)
3. Your three original poems
4. The three poems you picked out of books (with footnotes identifying poetry terms)
5. A blurb before each poem that you picked explaining what was so great about the poem. BE SPECIFIC! (i.e. "It was good because I liked it" doesn't count)
6. Works cited (See my MLA section or go to the OWL at Purdue)

Table of Contents format directions

1. Center align the title "Table of Contents"
2. Drop down two lines and align left again
3. Go to Table>Insert>Table
4. Select number of columns and rows that you need (probably 2 and 7, respectively). Click Ok.
5. Move center grid line to the right, thereby narrowing the second column
6. Expand the table to create space by clicking and dragging the table from the bottom right corner
7. Select table by clicking box in the upper left corner of table
8. Right click to open up menu. Select Borders and Shading
9. Select None and click Ok
10. Start filling in you Table of Contents!

Footnote directions

1. Highlight the line/word that you want to note
2. Go to Insert>Reference>Footnote Click Insert
3. Begin typing your footnote. Remember that it should not only identify but explain the poetry term

Page number directions

1. Go to Insert>Page numbers
2. Select position at top of page
3. Select alignment as right
4. Make sure "Show number on first page" is UNCHECKED
5. Click Format
6. Under "Page numbering", select Start at and enter 0
7. Click Ok and Ok again
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