Poem Anthology

After practice with the poetry terms and writing poetry, you will show off your creative skills by writing your own poem anthology. Below are the directions.

Write at least 5 original poems. They can be free verse or follow a format, but you may not repeat any of the structured poems (i.e. if you write a haiku, you cannot use another haiku as one of your 5). With all 5 poems together, you need to use each of the following poetic devices at least once. Again, this is with all 5 poems combined; you do NOT need to include each of these terms in each poem.

- Personification
- Metaphor
- Simile
- Hyperbole
- Onomatopoeia
- Imagery
- Symbolism
- Alliteration

To label the poetry terms, you will use end notes to explain which term is used and how your selected line is an example of this (i.e. this line is a simile because it compares Mr. Spiro with a big oak tree by using "as")

Your final product should be put together in the following manner:

1. Cover Page
2. Table of contents
3. Introduction (dear reader letter)
4. Poems
5. End Notes

How to create end notes

Ever see a little exponent-looking number in books that links a word or line to a footnote or note at the end of the book? That's what end notes are. But you have to make the number look like that on your own. I HIGHLY suggest you finish typing your poem first, then enter the numbers later. Obviously you number them in the order in which they appear. When you are ready, here is what you do:

1. Type the number after the line or word you are labeling
2. Highlight the number
3. Right click the number
4. Select font
5. Check the box under Effects that says Superscript

That's it!