Opinion Article

You will be writing your own opinion article, or editorial. In order to do this, you want to employ a lot of the same persuasive techniques that you use in a persuasive paper. After all, it is essentially the same exact thing. First, refresh your understanding of persuasive papers by checking out the persuasive essay page.  Then, it helps to break down other editorials so that you can use them as models for your own paper. We'll start with introductions.


Article Breakdown Questions

Now that we have focused on the introductions a little more closely, we will identify the parts of the article necessary for it to be effective. You''ll notice these are almost the same things that are required for an effective persuasive essay.

Questions for breaking down article
  1. What method of attention-grabbing is used?
  2. What is the author’s thesis?
  3. What claims does the author make?
  4. What examples or support does the author use?
  5. How does the author restate their thesis?
  6. Why does the author say it is important to agree with him/her?
  7. How does the author call to action?