Night is a semi-autobiographical novel about a Jewish boy during the Holocaust. It is a realistic and jarring look at how the trauma of genocide can transform an innocent boy into a cynical young man.

Multi Genre Research

In preparation for the novel, we will participate in an alternative research assignment in which we can practice our creative skills while still synthesizing information from various sources. The directions, rubric, and possible genres are listed below.
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Night Vocabulary

We will use context clues to determine the meaning of these words. The following is the list of words and the page number on which they can be found.

unsentimental (2), indulgently (3), premonition (10), truncheons (13), minutely (15), pious(22), bestial (32), harangued (36), cynical (47), reprieve (50), inadequate (53), imperceptibly (56)

 implore (64), parched (83), bewildered (86), semblance (88), accumulated (92), embarkation (92), livid (93), apathy (94), avidly (94), deriving (95), robust (97), apparent (99),


Lit/Comp Activities

From top of page 32:

1. What does the narrator say his first night in camp turned his life into?
2. What images does the narrator mention that he saw that night?
3. Using these answers, consider the theme of night in this book. Why does the author use this theme? What does it mean? How does it add to the story?

From page 86-87
1. Why did Rabbi Eliahou’s son leave him behind?
2. Why do you think the Rabbi thought that he and his son got separated?
3. What would you do in this position? Do you blame the Rabbi’s son? What is the author’s feelings about this? Use support from the story