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English II Syllabus

English II

Quarter 1

Week 1 (9/7-9/10): Introduction to class, syllabus, classroom rules and procedures, set up notebook, free writing, “Where I’m from.” Reading as a writer. Simple sentence structure.

Week 2 (9/13-9/17):  Workshop set up. First reading workshop. First writing workshop. Book pass, book talks. Genre types

Week 3 (9/20-9/24): Basics of the essay. Thesis. Outlines. Prompts. Compound sentences.

Week 4 (9/27-10/1): Description (Show, don’t tell). Mentor texts, free writing, descriptive paragraphs. Adjective/Adverb clauses. Individual reading. Individual reading.

Week 5 (10/4-10/8): Narratives. Mentor texts (“Once More to the Lake” p.113), free writing, revision. Common Errors. Individual reading. Narrative Essay Due

Week 6 (10/11-10/15): Multi-genre research: The American Dream, primary sources. Individual reading. Individual reading. YA book reading

Week 7 (10/18-10/22): Multi-genre research: The American Dream, primary sources. Individual reading. Sentence openers. YA book reading. Research Due

Week 8 (10/25-10/29): Of Mice and Men, pre-reading, vocabulary. Individual reading.

Week 9 (11/1,11/3-11/5): Finish Of Mice and Men, lit/comp activity, reflection. Individual reading. Sentence closers. OMM Test

Quarter 2

Week 10 (11/8-11/10,11/12): Rhetorical devices, propaganda. Individual reading. Sentence interrupters. 

Week 11 (11/15-11/19): Persuasion. Mentor texts (editorials, speeches), analyze persuasive pieces.

Week 12 (11/22-11/24): Thanksgiving week!  Finish writing. YA books Persuasive Essay due.

Week 13 (11/29-12/3): Finish YA books. Shakespeare pre-reading.

Week 14 (12/6-12/10): Begin Julius Caesar, identify rhetoric.

Week 15 (12/13-12/17): Continue Julius Caesar. The Appositive. Individual reading. The Dash.

Week 16 (12/20-12/23): Finish Julius Caesar. Individual reading.

WINTER BREAK (12/24-1/2)

Week 17 (1/3-1/7): Review rules/procedures. Campaign project, groups, pre-writing, revision. Individual reading. The Absolute.

Week 18 (1/10-1/14): Finish campaign project.

Week 19 (1/18-1/21): Prepare for exams. Midterm Exams.

Quarter 3

Week 20 (1/24-1/28): YA book reading. The Fragment. Individual reading.

Week 21 (1/31-2/4): Exposition. Mentor texts (“Dial Versus Digital” p. 108), free writing, expository essay. Expository Essay Due

            Week 22 (2/7-2/11): Lord of the Flies, The Twilight Zone, pre-reading, read. Prefixes.

            Week 23 (2/14-2/17): Lord of the Flies, vocabulary, character analysis, lit/comp activity.

            Week 24 (2/22-2/25): Continue reading, symbols, theme, lit/comp activity. Suffixes.

Week 25 (2/28-3/4): Finish reading, literary analysis (mentor texts, drafting, revision)                                     Literary Analysis Due

Week 26 (3/7-3/11): OGT prep Writing Prompts. Sample OGT essays, OGT rubric, writing own prompts, practice writing. OGT prep, practice questions, test strategies. Individual reading.

            Week 27 (3/14-3/18): OGT testing

            Week 28 (3/21-3/25): Reading poetry. Read alouds. Poetry appreciation

Quarter 4

Week 29 (3/28-4/1):  Poetry terms, analyzing poetry, enjoying poetry. Individual reading.

Week 30 (4/4-4/8):  Writing poetry. Free writing, mentor texts. Individual reading.

            Week 31 (4/11-4/15): Begin poem anthology. Individual reading.

Week 32 (4/18-4/20):  Begin finding Lit Circle books. Finish anthology, Poem anthology, anthology presentations. Individual reading. Poem Anthology Due

SPRING BREAK (4/21-4/22)

Week 32 (4/25-4/29): Literary Circles. Jobs, process, reading, meetings

Week 33 (5/2-5/6): Continue lit circles, meetings, readings, journal.

            Week 34 (5/9-5/13): Finish lit circles, create Spark Notes.

            Week 35 (5/16-5/20): Finish Spark Notes, presentation Spark Notes Due

Week 36 (5/23-5/27): Portfolio revision, revision, peer reviews, sharing. Portfolio Due

 Week 37 (5/31-6/3): Prepare for exams. Final Exams